IMMT-DSIR Common Research & Technology Development Hub
Entrepreneuring the Research and Technology Development through IMMT-DSIR Common Research and Technology Development Hub (IMMT-DSIR CRTDH) at CSIR-IMMT

In order to provide, technological solution, to mentor entrepreneurs/startups, alongside facilitating incubation of startups, the Common Research and Technology Development Hub (CRTDH) has been established at CSIR-IMMT, by the joint effort of CSIR-IMMT and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. It’s primary objective is to nurture and promote innovations in MSMEs and provide them R&D or knowledge-based support in the area of new materials and chemical processes. The aim is three-fold:

  • Find a market for our innovations in the MSME sector
  • Mentor, nurture, collaborate, or hand-hold MSMEs to develop innovations
  • Provide enabling services such as IPR support, Laboratory facilities, Testing and analysis support for quality assurance, Auditing of existing production processes etc.
Workshop on Technological Interventions for MSE/MSMEs on Enabling Technological Solutions in Metal Crafts, Waste to Wealth and IP
  • MSME Related R&D Initiatives

  • COVID-19 Know-hows transferred to MSMEs                                             

  • Interactive Workshop on Needs of MSME Industries

  • Development of Selective BIO/Chemical Additives For Drag Reduction During Slurry Transportation

  • Potassium Enriched Biochar

  • Reviving Traditional Brass, Bell Metal and Dokra Craft Sector in Odisha Through S&T Intervention

  • High Refractive Index Ionic Liquid with Complete Optical Analysis

  • Atibacterial cement additive

  • Value Addition tO Aluminium Dross Residue

  • Recovery of Metal values from Aluminium Dross Waste

  • Recycling of Used Refractory

  • Electro-Photo-Chemical Sensor of Toxic Ions

  • Erosion and Abrasion Resistant Coatings : Boiler Tube Coating by Electrophoretic Deposition

  • Conducting Coatings : Phosphor Bronze Pin Coating

  • Silicon Carbide Powder from Rice Husk

  • Hypochlorite generators to produce hypochlorite

  • Development of Coal Flotation Reagents