• One of the main problems that occur during slurry transportation through pipeline is the high consumption on pump power due to high frictional pressure drop. So, it is necessary to develop Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) to improve the pumping efficiency.


  • Bellyache bush extract & Indian spinach were used as DRA for iron ore slurry transportation.

% age reduction in yield stress: 8.4-14.7%
% age reduction in viscosity: 12.3-15.4%

(with the two bio-additive dosages (0.8% w/w of total solids) at a slurry concentration of 75% by mass)


  • The lignans, saponins & tannins content of the selective bio-additives probably helps in surface modification through lubricating effects and act as stabilizing agents for iron ore slurry at higher solids loading.

IF IN ASSOCIATION WITH INDUSTRY (mention their names):

  • MoU to be signed with M/s. Innocule Ltd. as MSME collaborator for development of chemical/bio additive.
The CRTDH was set-up in February, 2019 at CSIR-IMMT. The foundation stone of the CRTDH building along with the Incubator office space was laid by the Director General of CSIR on 1.2.2019. We are working with a vision to take this CRTDH scheme forward in this region and establish supporting linkages with all stakeholders.