Major Equipment Available:

  • Mechanical testing facility - INSTRON
  • Corrosion testing facility and erosion/abrasion facilities (high temperature tribometer etc.)
  • TG-DTA  (Thermogravimetric Analyser)
  • Heat treatment facility (Hot air furnace, controlled atmospheres furnace etc.)
  • XRD, SEM, EPMA, XPS, FTIR (For structural, phase, elemental analysis etc. under CCD)
  • Photoluminescence spectrophotometer

Other Major Facilities:

  • Innovation centre for plasma processing
  • Large scale iron ore processing facility
  • Pilot scale demonstration facility on fly ash and red mud building materials
  • National cook stove test centre
  • GIS based online vehicle mounded lab for city pollution monitoring
  • Pilot plant for seabed minerals extraction
  • Low concentration slurry transportation (seabed minerals & ores)
  • Setup for vertical hydraulic transport of seabed minerals slurry
Online booking of equipment available through AnalytiCSIR, however, the work/testing need to be endorsed by IMMT-DSIR CRTDH