Engagement with Startups, Entrepreneurs & MSMEs in New Materials & Chemical Processes domain

  • To provide access to sophisticated testing facilities, equipment & infrastructure, necessary to test and validate their ideas.
  • To provide R&D / know-how support for value addition of their products.
  • To provide initial hand holding through training and skill development programs.
  • To provide access to already developed technologies available at CSIR-IMMT and sister labs of CSIR for taking their ideas to market.
  • XRD, SEM, EPMA, XPS, FTIR (For structural, phase, elemental analysis etc. under CCD)
  • Photoluminescence spectrophotometer


Flexible/ Virtual Model:
  • Startups & MSMEs may use IMMT-DSIR CRTDH facilities to develop their innovations in New Materials/Chemical Processes in consultation with the principal investigator for the IMMT-DSIR CRTDH project.
  • They can also opt for technical support offline from the professionals at CSIR-IMMT.
  • IP remain with the MSEs/ Innovator. The patent cost will be borne by the company.
Licensing Model:
  • Startups & MSMEs facing issues may approach for developing solutions.
  • IMMT-DSIR CRTDH may undertake the work to develop solution and carry out design / prototype / pilot / demonstration plant in collaboration with Startups & MSMEs lead user unit.
  • After proving, the technology will be available on license to MSMEs lead user unit / other user units of MSME
  • The Intellectual Property remains with CSIR-IMMT.
Joint Venture/ co-development Model:
  • Two or more Startups & MSMEs can agree to pool their resources for the purpose of development of a new product/process/service.
  • IMMT-DSIR CRTDH will provide R&D support to MSMEs for developing innovative products and to build confidence, strengthening and competitiveness by extending technical assistance.
  • The IP will be jointly shared by the MSMEs and IMMT-DSIR CRTDH for joint development of the product/ process.
Testing/Validation Model:
  • The characterization/analysis/testing can be undertaken for the samples on paid basis
Skill Development/Training:
  • To disseminate knowledge/know-how, specialized training for skill upgradation and demonstration of technologies/processes are organised by the IMMT-DSIR CRTDH regularly. Any Startups, Entreprenuers & MSMEs looking for any specialized skill development/training program, may contact us.