• Improving the surface finish/aesthetic value to improve the marketability of the product
  • Reduction in energy consumption, Impurities control in the product & Control over the product specification
  • Provides an economically viable and environmentally sustainable process for the production of Bell metal, Brass, Dokra crafts
  • Energy efficient process with minimal waste generation


  • Advanced technology for melting/casting
  • Enhanced product quality of the metal craft
  • Improved durability of the product
  • Technical skills improvement of the artisans


  • The detailed and systematic study will help artisans to produce value added and high quality products
  • Imparts empirical knowledge to artisans relating to the metallurgy of bell materials and essential skills associated with melting, alloying and casting
  • Improvement of Socio-economic condition of the artisans
  • Improving of sustainability of the metal craft sector

IF IN ASSOCIATION WITH INDUSTRY (mention their names):

  • Local association of artisans (Balakati, Kantilo, Puri etc..)
  • Gopinath Metal Research Foundation
The CRTDH was set-up in February, 2019 at CSIR-IMMT. The foundation stone of the CRTDH building along with the Incubator office space was laid by the Director General of CSIR on 1.2.2019. We are working with a vision to take this CRTDH scheme forward in this region and establish supporting linkages with all stakeholders.