M/s. Hytronics Enterprise, Hyderabad manufactures phosphor bronze pins (1000 numbers per day) for use as VITAL relays and railway signaling system
  • Hytronics is looking for a quick and low cost process to replace their existing electrochrome coating process.
  • The coating should improve corrosion resistance and should not impair electrical conductivity.
  • 24 number of phosphor bronze pins were provided by Hytronics for coating with graphene.
  • Graphene coating was done by Electrophoretic deposition and sent to Hytronics
Present Status
  • Although coatings were smooth & homogeneous, it did not satisfy the electrical conductivity requirement as we have used siloxane as post treatment to improve adhesion.
  • Efforts are underway to coat another 2-D material Mxene that has very high electrical conductivity
The CRTDH was set-up in February, 2019 at CSIR-IMMT. The foundation stone of the CRTDH building along with the Incubator office space was laid by the Director General of CSIR on 1.2.2019. We are working with a vision to take this CRTDH scheme forward in this region and establish supporting linkages with all stakeholders.